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Big Changes for 2019!

NEW DATE: Saturday, September 14, 2019
SAME HOURS: 12 noon - 6 PM
RAIN DATE: Saturday, September 21, 2019

(We know, we know, the name looks and sounds a lot like our old home, Bryan Park.)

Regarding the change in location

Bryan Park and its Azalea Gardens have been a wonderful home for the Festival for 16 years! But we feel the time has come to move to a new home.

Byrd Park will be the new home of the Richmond VegFest! The land area available for laying out the Festival is much more expansive at Byrd and gives us lots of options in the physical plan.

One pain point at Bryan Park had been parking. Our efforts improved over the years, but some attendees can attest to how difficult it was at times. There are no outdoor venues in the Richmond area that making parking a breeze (while meeting the VegFest's other criteria). However, we believe parking will be much easier to manage at Byrd Park and will be a positive change for the public and for the planning committee.

We are anxious to dive into all the possibilities that Byrd Park offers to create a VegFest physical layout that takes advantage of all the amazing aspects of Byrd Park and the fantastic vendors that make the Festival (and the Richmond area) so wonderful.

Regarding the change in season

Deciding when to hold an event like the Richmond VegFest that holds a special place for so many can be difficult. There is no perfect season for an outdoor food festival. We've been holding the VegFest in early Summer (June) for over ten years and for the most part it's worked well. On the positive side, there were seldom conflicting events. On the negative side, it was often hot - VERY hot.

There are a lot of things happening during Fall weekends, so we do open up the possibility of conflicts with other treasured events. September 14th has a fairly clear calendar so far, so we should be good for 2019. The big bonuses for the Fall are first and foremost: cooler temperatures (we should not be hitting any 95+ degree days). Plus there's less chance of people being on vacation.

We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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